Playscreen only leftside

Hello I noticed that if I start if my game is only shown on the left as only in one direction but if I cant go to the other side is not … do I have to do something the settings? I already turned my screen turn button does not work anyway

Are you referring to the screen orientation?

Yes, that is exactly what I mean

As soon as I start it turns to the left and when I try to tip over to the other side, it does not work

Have you tilted the screen all the way around fully? And can you try using another app to lock it how you want it then try launching infinite flight

Yes it works on other games … It turns to the left or right … but not at IF

so i can only play on the left never to the right. I can tilt so far it does not work on the right side

Can you provide a screenshot please?


So that’s now tilted to the left

I would like to be upside down

I don’t see anything wrong here…

You talking about the IF logo?

That’s the problem, you can not show the handy direction on a screen … so it looks normal, it’s all fine but I can not turn the resolution so on the other side tilt

no, it’s not about logo …

Attempt recording the video in real life, it might be better.

yes, that’s crazy … so I can play the game only on the left side never on the right side

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Quite funny to me. Here’s a relevant question, why can’t you play on the side it defaults to?

It’s on the factory settings … I’ll try a video of my brother then you understand it better but better thanks

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What device are you on?

This happens to me too on Android. IF will launch one way and does not rotate if the device is flipped 180. It has always been like this for me.


I have a Samsung Tab S2

If I got to the main menu (outside app), lock the rotation the way I want, IF won’t try to flip again. I think that it depends on the size of the screen.