Playing while charging the device is recommended?

I’m wondering if I should play while it’s charging or if it’s better not to and only fly when I’m unplugged.

I don’t know if I should do it or not.

Nowadays mobiles have temperature controls but I doubt they have any system to keep the load from reaching the top and keep it at about 50-60% to avoid suffering.

I don’t want to degrade the battery by playing the infinite flight from time to time.


I have this concern as well. What I recommend if you want to do long hauls and still want preserve the battery life of your device is only do long hauls if you are awake and near your device. Meaning you should not do long hauls while you are asleep and your device is plugged in. This would cause your device to charge to 100% while you are asleep.

By being awake, you can monitor your devices battery percentage. If it falls to lets say 30% (for me), plug in your device until it reaches about 80% (for me), then unplug. If you are still far away from your destination, let your battery drop down to 30% and repeat the process. This way, your battery experiences less stress compared to charging to 100%.

I am not an expert at this. This is all based on my basic knowledge about lithium ion batteries. So I apologies if I am wrong about the things I said.


I’ve been doing this for years on my 5 year old iPad. No problem at all.


If your battery is considered low to your device, fly it while charging. There’s no real harm in doing so and just limits capabilities if you’re not charging.

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I mean on one hand devices can get hot and you shouldn’t load them all the time, but on the other hand it’s reasonable to load a device while playing IF as it’s often needed to be able to fly.

I mostly load my devices while cruising and while they get hot at times, it’s never been a major (battery) issue for me.

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I’ve got about 1600 hours on my current device alone and since I got it in December have had no issues with flying long hauls on charge. The same with a similar device February to December.

Well except a little bit of pixel burn. On flights keep your status bar off as much as possible 😂


The status bar?

I have full screen while I play.

In my experience,

I have never had battery issues plugged in but have to replace the charging cable twice each month since I started to play IF daily (cables cost $3). Everytime IF is on, my phone stays cool but the cable is hot! :)

My phone specs

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 - 6.44 inches display
Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 (14 nm)
Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53, Adreno 506

My phone manufacturer claims it is designed at lower CPU (625) but larger RAM, they say still powerful enough specifically to play games but at lower heat. So I guess depends on your model and (manufacturer’s) boasted functionalities - but the cables CERTAINLY took the toll, lol.

Battery testing

I’m repairing my other phone next week (Higher CPU, but at lower 3GB RAM - NOT good heat wise, internally!) for daily use and the one I currently have will be reserved specially for IF. Will be trying out long haul after 777 release (9-11 hours) for the first time in my IF life and trying it both plugged and unplugged to charger - with a cooling system setup. Will report back the results!


Leaving it in full screen on long hauls, especially since the status bar is bright white can burn the pixels. My device has a slight mark of the status bar on the device. It’s not really noticeable to me since I literally fly 24/7 and don’t really use my phone for other things.

Its practically impossible to fly long hauls without your device charged (in my case) 🤔

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Unplugging and plugging in constantly is actually worse off for battery health in the long term, once your phone reaches 100% no more power goes into your phone and it’s just fed slowly to maintain it

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I think what is more important is heat, because that’s terrible for your battery. It’s better to remove your phone/tablet case while charging to allow heat to dissipate.

On a side note, if you don’t want your screen to experience burn-in, set your status bars to disappear and switch your camera view to scenic. That way your individual pixels will be constantly displaying different things.

I believe that too.

I don’t think plugging and unplugging is the best thing.

Although I do think it would be better if I didn’t do a full charge, but instead charged no more than 60%

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