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Hey I got a problem. In the last week’s I didn’t have much time to do flights for my vas. Because I always had two devices now I only got one. But I want to to smth else on my smartphone while I’m flying (btw I have a S8+). Is there any option to do that?

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Unfortunately no. Multitasking while using Infinite Flight can cause a number of issues and we strongly advice against it.


Thx for the answer. Is there any other way to do flights on the pc? I tried it but they didn’t recognized my joystick 15293364818006992839164518241031
I use it for xp11 and would love to have it on my computer


I do not understand, do you use it in XP11 as it does not work on your PC?

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Infinite Flight primary focus is on mobile devices, so we’re currently not available on PC/MAC right now.

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But you can fly with your joystick in infinite Flight, I hope I have helped :)

It works with plane but not with if

So I know. But I want to use the joystick on my device

I can help you if you want to connect your joystick to your cell phone !!!

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