Playing on pc or bigger screening!

Hi! Today I play on my s6 edge. Now I have play for a while and want to advance. How do I play on my cpmputer for example I want att bigger screen? Or do I need to buy a samsung galaxy Tab? Then mycket other question is wich joystick should I buy?
I also Wonder why I dont hear any sound from atc or unicom I just see The text. Thank and I would be really happy if some one helped me!

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Well you can stream it to your screen using Chromecast. Search up some Logitech controllers. They have some nice ones. Check your settings for the sound.

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There is no PC version of Infinite Flight…you might have to buy a tablet.

Yes I have checked The sounds They are at Max volume! Ok Will look for a tablet or chromecast ! Then check logitech. Are They Made to use for tablet?

Make sure your device volume is on lol.

I’m not sure about Logitech. Just do some research on their stuff.

Chromecast just streams whatever is on your device to the computer or TV.

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I have checked! What do you guys Plays on? Thank you for all help!

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