Playing on another device

Hi, i want to play on my ipad, im currently on my Samsung Galaxy A51, everytime i want to sign in on my i pad, there is Error code 1, can i have the same Pro account on 2 devices?

Hey! Please try this solution:

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My english is not so good, what do you mean with IFC? And you said google, i cant log in with goole, there is only one option and thats „sign in with Infinite Flight“ and when i click it, im on a Infinite Flight page and i need to click „authorize“ when i done it, there is a Message in Infinite Flight „This Account is not linked with a Infinite Flight Pro subscription (error code 1)“ and i dont now what i should do


Your app account isn’t connected to your Community profile if you’re trying to login with that and are getting Error Code 1.

Go to Settings → Account on your primary device first and connect the account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to sign in.

IFC stands for Infinite Flight Community, so basically your account from this forum. As schyllberg explained above, just connect your forum account with your game in the settings.

OMG, thank you so much<3 it worked, have a nice day :)