Playing infinite flight benefits

Is it just me or had playing infinite flight really improved my knowledge of geography over the years?


I would definitely agree that Infinite Flight expands your knowledge of geography. As you experiment with new routes you learn about cities and airports you never knew existed. :)

Especially when it comes to how big countries actually are. It’s a lot easier to see how big some nations are when you’re flying across them compared to just looking at a map.

I’ve definitely gotten a few more questions right on my Geography map tests because of IF…

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Absolutely yes! Making all kinds of mental connections I hadn’t before on places I used to live and places I’ve never been. Geopolitical news stories become more intuitive, and local sense of direction gets exercised. Ever find yourself puzzling others with a sense of direction in an unfamiliar part of a city? “That 737 can only be on the 25 approach, so the city center is this way” etc.


IF = Has Planes, Planes = Capable of taking satellite imagery, Capable of taking satellite imagery = Satellite Imagery available, Satellite Imagery available = Geography available, Geography available = You see Geography, You see Geography = You’re better at Geography.

I guess aviation really has a tie with geography!

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One of the most relatable things ever! Whenever I wake up on a school day and hear planes outside of my window I immediately know that I need to leave early because I’ll have headwinds on the way there

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Yeah, its given my kiwi friend a good perspective on how freaking big america is!

Uh, yeah! I’d say it has! I was pretty good with geography to begin with, but scrolling around a map multiple times a day, planning flights and calculating distances certainly has added countless pieces of information.

I had that same thing when I was in Reykjavik, trying to find my way to the center of downtown.

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everyone is talking about geography but IF has taught me so much about planes

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