Playing in the events of expert server

On Sunday, I was playing in the event, and I followed all instructions by ATC. Suddenly they ghosted me. I don’t understand what I did wrong. I didn’t deserve that. I did what they told me to do in which they took me away from the airport I was trying to land at. It’s not fair…

Hey Hunter,

What was your callsign and display name? I’ll check to see who was responsible and that way I can direct you to them or them to you for further discussion.


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My call sign was Qatari 223 and my Display name was Hunter Feellman-Greene

Ok. What about your current callsign? I’m unable to find you. Perhaps you changed your callsign?

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Nevermind. I found you. Callsign is currently Delta 1290

@anon66442947 should be able to explain what the ghosting reason means and how it applied to your situation. He was the controller who issued your reporting. Give him some time to respond in the meantime. Thanks for the patience.

March 24, 2019 11:00:30 PM
Qatari 223 - Do not follow flightplan


Dakota is my callsign

I’ll try and look back. But if you have replay it may help. Show me a few screenshots here if possible

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Take this to a PM @anon66442947 and @Hunter_Fellman-Green

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