Playing in 21.1

My device isn’t updating infinite flight so will I be able to play infinite flight in a old version will the game run fine?

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Eventually support will be dropped for being able to play older versions (ie 20.3 for 32-bit devices) - however the devs have not said when this will happen.

Like @BennyBoy_Alpha said, it won’t work forever as infinite flight continues to push updates, but it should work for now. You might notice people flying planes with the prop logo on the map and the plane type is “unknown.” You also may not have access to the 3d airports released in the newest updates. However that is probably the worst that it gets, as of now

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So is 20.3 the 777 update?

21.3 was actually the rework of the B757 while 20.1 and 20.2 were the 777 family.

20.3 you mean

Yes thank you, its a little early for me. * 20.3 *

Understandable its 10:55pm over here

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