Playing IF while charging problems

Hello, I have some problems with IF and my battery. When I do long haul flights, i always plug in my phone to charge and keep charge. But now when i play and plug the charger, the battery starts to deplete. Does anyone know how to avoid this problem.

Device: Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

Thank you, Good day

This is an issue of usage vs charge. Turn your screen brightness down and ensure low power mode is enabled. You are using more than the charge is providing.

Make sure you are using your original charger or one that has the correct power requirements. Not all cables are equal regardless of the connection on the end.


Just to add on to what Chris S mentioned, make sure you are using the correct adapter as well. Some travel chargers have different charging specs specifically the output voltage & current.

You can do a comparison test between an OEM product versus a 3rd-Party charging set. In many cases there will be a difference in specifications.


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