Playing IF useing a ps3 control

For those of you who would like to get IF on a console I think I have your answer. Today I went to Asda Britain’s equivalent to Walmart and bought an OTG cable On the go cable and went home and found my old ps3 I would have used my brothers xbox1 but he did not let me even touch it I took the charging cable and the control and plugged them into the female port of the OTG cable. I then plugged the USB c from the OTG into my phone and switched on the control. After testing it for a while I went onto IF and went and set it up in the IF settings. After a lot of trail and error it worked and I went and did a short flight in the 747-400. After that I worked through every aircraft and found that they all worked however the F-18 needed different settings.
The setup for the cable looked like this for anyone that did not understand.

It will take a while to understand how to do this.
This was on a pre global version as I only have 1 compatible device and can not afford it currently

Things I used

Phone: Samsung galaxy J3 (2016)
OTG: Polaroid (that is all the packet said)
Control: Sony duel shock 3
PS3 wire: the one that came with the control

If you have any questions I will happily answer them.


It is basically a cheap joystick
You don’t have to put your hands on the screen
You can sit further away from it.
It is more comfortable to hold


Drains battery quick (10% per 8min for me)
Costs a bit more (ÂŁ5)
Takes a while to get used to
Only get 70% roll and pitch

If you try this tell me how you get on and send picture or videos.


How difficult was it to fly? Also, which controls were binded to what?


It is difficult at first but I have been trying for about 1hr and have got the hand of it enough to be able to land just I was of the center line but still near it.
The right bumper is binded to the throttle and works quite well the right joystick is roll and pitch and I did not do anything but the left joystick is linked to looking left and right in the cameras I am working on other controls.
Edit: cheack cons again.


This is an easy result to achieve and is tailored to each person’s preferences. It can also be done with a PS4 controller via Bluetooth, anyone who wants tips on that DM me


I think any controller can do it.

Oh wow, I didn’t even know you could do that!

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Art I magic finding it out. I’m kidding I found out by accident because I accidentally pressed IF so just continued because I could not be bother pressing the home button How lazy am I not bothering to press the ho,e button

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lol i agree once i tap the app, theres no getting out!

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Would that setup work for a yoke?

I think so but I don’t have one to try. If it doesn’t work and you have bought an OTG cable then you can use the cable for other things like reading usb sticks or connecting a mouse.

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Using a PS3 remote to play IF. Wow, thats something you don’t see everyday. I didn’t know you can do that. I thought it only worked for the yoke.

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