Playing IF On Southwest Airlines

So SWA has onboard Wifi, and was wondering if anyone has experiance playing IF one it, can it handle IF? I would imagin kt is not the greatest wifi, just curious if it is worth my trying, also if anyone wants to wantch me IF wile I fly I will be at Ft. lauderdale at around 6-6:30EST(if it works)

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Ive attempted a FaceTime call on Jetblue wifi i have to think possibly it can handle lol

I played Solo on Southwest Airlines before. I’m not sure about Multiplayer.

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It should be able to handle it. What a topic title lol 😂


The title gave me a mild heachache. Anyways as the others said it should work fine

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I changed the title a tad bit ;-)

No need to…it was perfect!


Also is the wifi free, or am I asking jet blue fans such as myself who have no idea

Awww snap it wolnt let me change the title

Full access internet on SWA is $8 USD.

I haven’t tried it before but I’d say GLITCHYYYYYYY

Ua so probably wolnt be doing much on IF then, my parents probably wolnt go for 8$ for me to fly a fake plane while I am on a real one

Well, the 8 is for full internet access. Idk about IF

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Ya, so nobody show up at Ft. Lauderdale at 6:30 (I mean if you want to be there go for it) it will be a waist of your time

Also does anyone know if the pretzels have eggs? (just a bit off topic)(same subject at least)

Ingredients should be online or on the back of the package, I don’t think anybody knows those off the top of their head.

Pre-global I was able to launch multiplayer but my connection constantly dipped out. I’m not sure if it would work on it or not. I know Laura was beta testing it on United (?) WIFI though.

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Thanks, wasn’t expecting anyone to kbow the pretzels ingerdients, (If you memorized the SWA pretzel ingredients, you’ve got a telent, and I recomend using it for somthing better) but thanks for all the awnsers I got

I wasn’t able to access anything (Facebook, Twitter, Infinite Flight, ect) besides Southwest’s online services for Tracking and watching TV as well as movies. It’s $8 for full wifi access.

Flew Southwest Last month to Ohio and back

Was it an nice flight at least?

I loved it! I I had some awesome Flight Attendants on my Flights. The best one was an F/A Made an announcement regarding someone getting a proposal (Didn’t happen on the plane though). The service is amazing, and the staff are friendly. I wanted to see if I Could picture a Max8, and they helped me and were excited to show me where the MAX8 was going to be (And I got photos of the MAX8!)

I will fly WN again :)

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Normally, I play in solo.

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