Playing IF on PC Android Emulator

Playing IF on android simulator bluestacks. (not official)

Taking off and rolling was only possible by using trims and autopilot, maybe it will be easier in the future if virtual joysticks are added soon.

(edit) i have figured out a way to make the aircraft pitch and roll with key bindings, perf is alright too (at least for me)

(edit 2) ATC doesn’t make any sounds for some reason

(edit 3) i fixed the ATC problem after realizing that bluestacks does not have a Text to speech engine, so i installed one via play store, also succesfully completed 2 flights, works pretty well!


Wow! How is perf?

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I have seen this!

Please try and plug a Joystick Directly into ur PC then go to the controls and see if the device is discoverable. I want to see if this works before I have to rebuy IF again. :)

Looking forward to seeing!


I have a powerful PC I need to do this!!!

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@Lotus how is performance

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I’m just gonna go straight in and reiterate the point that this is NOT officially supported and may not work for you at all. You will not receive any support from staff members in getting it to work. Just because one person has gotten to work doesn’t mean that it will work for you, so bear that in mind before you go purchase the simulator on another platform.

Personally it doesn’t work for me whatsoever, and that was on a high end computer, but with the vast variety of pc hardware it might work for you. Performance will vary. Its also worth noting that bluestacks does have limited input options, a conventional joystick or HOTAS may not work with the simulator at all


Don’t expect anything good, as you will be running ARM virtual machine on an x86 system, so a lot of it would be lost because of emulation and translation between architectures


its actually pretty great!

Do you use your mouse for the autopilot switching like altitude?

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yes, it works very smoothly

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I tried to connect with a DS4 controller but sadly it did not work :(

try and use the usb connection to it see if that works

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I highly doubt that would make a difference. The controller input is handled through windows rather than bluestacks, so the output to the emulator is the same regardless. As I said above, bluestacks handling of controllers and joysticks is sparse to say the least, so good luck getting much to work with it.

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How in the world?

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I used JoyToKey when I used IF on Bluestacks, but I stopped using it in December 2019. It works, but it’s not sustainable.

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You could try and directly connect your joystick with your mobile device (I did this successfully a few times some time ago). And than stream your device screen to your smart tv or pc screen?

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I know right! It’s amazing

What ? How did you do it, normally it doesn’t work?

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Yes i was surprised too but i guess something new happened

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What if you downloaded live flight connect regularly on on ur PC then try and connect it with IF it could possibly work smother because it would be running on the same device.

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