Playing IF on gaming specific tablets.

Currently I have an iPad 2 and am looking to upgrade, I have been looking at newer iPads and started doing some deeper research into gaming specific tablets and decided that not only are they better (for gaming) but cheaper as well. I’ve narrowed it down to the Nividia Shield and the Google Nexus 9. They seem perfect for playing games like IF and other more graphically demanding sims, in fact there is a sim out there that only recommends those tablets in order to be able to play it on high graphic settings.

Does anyone own and play on those tablets? Any opinions?

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I deffintly Recommend an iPad Air 2 or Pro :) Got Air 2 myself, handles full setting very well. Not tried the Nvidia Shield. but i could imagine its more powerfull than a Nexus 9 :)

I have iPad Air, old one(bought when it was the latest iPad). It works pretty fine…

I have the NEXUS 9 and it’s fantastic! Runs anything I want!

yes but my hands cover up the speakers