Playing IF on a PC Nox emulator ? (EDIT: how to play IF on PC ?)

i want play IF on the NOX android emulator, does it work ?
any suggestions how i can control the plane smooth ?

This applies to all Android emulators:

You can probably use the older version though, but without Live. And the smoothest way to control your aircraft is with a joystick

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Yes, offline still works just fine with the older versions that can be used on the emulators.

For what it’s worth, I ran into no issues running pre-global IF on Memu or AMIDuOS emulators. Was able to fly around and perform ATC with no issues. Obviously mileage will vary as IF is unsupported on such platforms and different user settings. Maybe someday again.

It’s actually a problem with the emulators. I’m pretty sure it’s lack of OpenGL ES 3.0 compatibility.

ye i try it fto figure out, i donwloaded the non global version on the nox player i try it now with bluestacks still i got some app to change open gl settings maby it works before global i could run it…

That’s kind of what I was wondering. I’ve actually made some progress with getting Memu to run IF Global after realizing my version was way out of date. Now I’m having other problems. This is an interesting technical challenge if nothing else. I’m not expecting to get far though, nor do I want to interrupt my current flight.

no chance on both emulators i recieve the old version -.-*