Playing as Approach

On training server 1 I selected to play as Approach at KNUC to get some practice with as I’ve tried both tower and ground already at other airports. The first thing that strikes me and what makes this position the most difficult to play is that nobody follows your instructions. You have pilots of FF to KNOC refusing to change course, descend or enter holding patterns even when ground is backed up to the terminals and you try to alleviate the workload for tower. They continue to fly straight in, on top of one another and numerous runway incursions.
Secondly you have people contacting “with you” stating no intentions, which can quickly clog up your board and most of the time it’s requesting FF to another airport so they’re not transitioning to the proper frequencies. KLAX > KSAN for example. In short, playing as approach, people not following instruction leads to frustrating and unenjoyable gameplay even if it’s on the practice server, there needs to be an intermediate stepping ground before expert since casual there are no ATC instructions.

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There’s nothing we can do against it, join IFATC


I’m an IFATC controller and I recently became approach qualified. It is a lot of fun on expert. I would advise you to join IFATC.


As someone who joined live to play ATC exlusively, with zero grade but solo flight experience how would you suggest I join IFATC?