Playground Trainees Controller Error; "Enough is Enough"! Vetting & Forum Address Required!

“Name Redacted”. What is this? SCP?

I’m not saying it’s the solution for everything, I’m saying he can’t (shouldn’t) complain because the PG is for EVERYBODY no matter your aviation background, etc.

That’s the same as complaining about going over the speed limit on free flight server.

I also don’t agree with a forum account being required. I think that’s forcing a little much on your average person. I deal with this very often and know that it is hard for some people to get full internet access. Some younger kids who plays parents may not want them on a forum, therefore losing his ability to control on an app that he spent 5 bucks for. I think it should remain as is. Maybe something better would be an in app messaging service?

I think we are trying to cater to the hardcore aviation guys ( nothing wrong with being one) but we are forgetting that there are other people who use this app for a game instead of a simulator. Hence the free flight and playground servers.

Parents can be very strict (I’m at the receiving end of some strictness as of late…ugh) and parental controls or VPNs, etc may not allow a forum access.

I think that an in app messaging thing, Specifically for contacting a controller with tips, etc would be very useful. Maybe updates about events, etc could be sent to to an inbox.

The playground is n opportunity for everybody to get involved and taste the first little bit the ATC world offers. It shouldn’t be restricted any more.

Edit: I’m not talking about pilots. That’s a different story.

That is just not true.
This is the biggest misunderstanding here.
The server is called ‘ATC Playground’ for a reason.
Rules for pilots are enforced for a reason.
It’s a place for everyone to learn ATC procedures.
It’s not a place for pilots that can’t fly and want to fool around.
I still think Grade 2 should be required for pilots to be allowed on this server.
The server should be remaned to ‘ATC Training Server’.
And ATC should have at least watched certain tutorials before they are allowed to control.
But not many people seem to agree with that.


I agree with the Grade 2 requirement to access ATC Playground. Too many times you see a grade 1 on ATC PG doing rolls and flips thru the airport.


I don’t mean pilots. That’s a different story. I’m just talking about ATC here. I’m on your side on the whole pilot issue. (Kind of)

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Again, I don’t mean pilots. I’m talking specifically about ATC

@Keegan_Gidley… MaxSez: “Name Redacted”! Keegan, it’s common curtesy to refrain from identifying a person by name on the Forum who is out of his element, unskilled or in most case a peanut. In fact the posted rules clearly preclude personal ad hominem. In this case I had no desire to publicly embarrass the controller or pilots involved in the incident. The Pilots where “Reported”. Had I been able to contact the the controller I would have counseled him and “suggested” a corrective action.

The grading system is tad messed up

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The good old days


Agree with you Jan,

Min Grade 2 for the ATC PG Server and also to pick up on @Swang007 point (I think!) min Grade 3 in order to access ATC on ATC PG server. As a slight aside I think that requirements for Grade 3 should be raised for XP to min 25,000 as well as a slight increase on Hours and landings…but I digress.


I feel old, I remember when PG didn’t exist, that’s why I had so many damn violations


@Hamza_Adan… MaxSez… I protest, where did you get my picture! LOL. Lov it!


Yes grade 1 pilots make it so hard to control as they done know the basic things such as line up and wait and when ther is a long line of aircraft ready to takeoff it aggravates you, they should make an effort to try to learn the basics as the only thing they know are cleared for takeoff and cleared to land

Well, I wanted to get on Advanced when 25.000 XP was needed.
I started earning XP by flying as much as I could.
And really, on the day I got 25.000, it got lowerd to 10.000. No joke. :)


Sadly grade 1’s are allowed on playground. They are the ones that don’t have a clue what’s going on :(


Yes, exactly why they should change it. lol & I agree with you (:


That’s why we should have the ATC turorials shown in the app’s tutorial section.

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I’m not sure I agree with the grade 1 ban from playground as they mainly don’t understand the commands so by getting rid of grade ones we only move the problem to the grade 2s. Although maybe you could have a minimum amount of hours flying on playground before your allowed to control therefore building up experience on Atc commands.

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It’s not about not understanding the commands.
It’s about ignoring instructions.
Going through people.
Taking off without clearance and in the wrong direction.
Landing in the wrong direction.
Blocking the runway and not moving for a long time.
Racing across the airport.
Taking off from a taxiway.
That kind of stuff that has nothing to do with learning ATC procedures.