Playground Problem

I’m not talking about the pilot or the atc. Whenever there is about 10+ atc in a different region people go there. Instead of just SoCal why don’t we get about 10-15 atc to go to another region example Amsterdam or Sydney. I think it’s a good idea.


I agree, we need more ATC in other regions I mainly work in London when I’m ATC

What we really need is organization & scheduling. The ability of controllers to selected there favorite location worked when Live + got off the ground. It’s now over a year old and there a fine cadre of Advanced Controllers and exceptional Trainees in the pipe line. The IF Universe is bigger than SoCal. It time to assign Controllers to random locations, man full nodes and open every Region even if the openings are staggered . Man it they will follow! Max Sends


I want an site where you can book an ATC frequentie

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The other day London had 11 ATC.

i understand guys but this server is for people that are not in the advanced server and they want to try atc

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I tried this last night at SEA. I figured some other controllers would join but what happened was a number of disruptive pilots joined and just wreaked havoc. As a controller I had no way to report them. One guy spammed the ATC comms, another taxied the wrong way then down an active runway.

It just took the fun out of it.

Before they joined I had a pilot working the pattern and a few others who departed to PDX and it was enjoyable.