Playground Pillocks

I know we have many topics about this but anyways…

I was on approach into TNCM in a E-195, behind me was an A321 who was way to close so the ATC told him to do a 360 for spacing.
yes he did do one… But full f14 style 90° bank… He was back behind me in seconds at some distance when i could pretty much see all of his male passengers virtual moustaches through there windows…
PG server is for learning and respecting the rules all you pilots concerned out there… Please fly seriously!


I don’t mean to sound rude, but the playground server will always be like that unless significant changes are enforced. Unfortunately we’ll always have those people who will use it as a freeflight server and will disregard the grading system as well as other pilots. [quote=“GE90ROOAARR, post:1, topic:36548”]
I know we have many topics about this but anyways…

Maybe next time, reply to a topic that has the same subject as the point you’re making. :)


I know but I agree with you that it will always be the same

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If you’d like to test your ATC skills, make a topic similar to this and some experienced community members may join you in a region that isn’t too busy. :)


I play of and I’m closed to advance and know how u. Feel can’t wait for advanced currently 8hrs almost 9 flight time and 8k xp I’m grade 2

PG not of my bad

MaxSez: Ho Hum… Same Olde, Same Olde… We need a PG Gripe Category so I can mute it like VA.


Lol that’s just too funny

Unimportant. Look its for learning hence cut some slack.

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