Playground Nimrods

This is something I’ve been meaning to address for a while to all the pilots on the Playground server who try to do the right thing. I’d like to remind you all, if you see someone not following ATC Instructions or being bothersome to your experience on that server, every pilot has a “Report” button. If you get three pilots to report a nimrod player, they will disappear as if they were ghosted on the Advanced Server. If everyone pitched in, most off the issues regarding nimrod pilots could be addressed with this. Hopefully, by bringing this to your attention, you will be able to have a better experience on the Playground server. That is all


Agreed. This is how the playground is supposed to be. If you want to break rules on the FFS, then be my guest. But don’t do it on the PGS. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Because some non-nimrod players want to actually work hard, to get to grade 2, or get to grade 3. Don’t make it difficult for them. For example, if FDS007 (@Swang007) is on final, and ATC tells Superman (@MishaCamp) to line up and wait, don’t take off! It messes up FDS007’s approach, and it delays traffic at the airport! (MishaCamp, I know what you wouldn’t do that, I was just using the mods as examples!)

  2. For ATC! If you takeoff, in front of a plane on final, it makes ATC confused, and it can even make yourself confused!


I’ve made a similar topic with the same promotion. Please everyone listen to us.

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Thank’s Lacky. Bringing up the word again ;)

Please keep in mind that PG is an learning environment…only use that report button for actual trolls, for example :
Offensive Callsigns
Harrasing Users by “attackin” mid air or taxi through constantly
Blocking runway

For not following ATC commands,mostly them just simply dont know them yet.
Yes, here are many tutorials, but many users bought this app are not on here…


Exactly. Don’t abuse it. That’s why they require three pilots to report ;)

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I report players as ther are lots of players on the Playground server that just stop on taxiways and next to the runaway and frustratingly enough in the runaway this can happen for up to 30 minutes it’s annoying so people need it be aware that they can report players.

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You mean peanuts. @Maxmustang can tell you about it.

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