Playground Mods

Do you have any idea how long I was stuck controlling on the playground? That is the most viable option that’s why I created it


I would love to be a mod for playground ! I abbé been playing in I fire flight for a few years !

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Did you read basically every post here?

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A report button wouldn’t fix all these issues,

Let’s continue why it wouldn’t work, here

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This comes with a lot of problems, who’s going to moderate? Who’s going to be in charge of the moderators? How will we resolve complaints?


Well, that’s for the moderators to decide,

I’m happy to volunteer as a moderator, when/if the times comes, but myself/others would need to go through a test, obviously, be trusted in the community, be well known/experienced, be approachable, multiple things,

Who’s going to be in charge?

That’s for the community to decide I suppose,

Listen, I made this post because I want to be part of the team, but the main reason? I want PG to be a safe and realistic learning environment.

Carson do you want to police the playground? Do you think any of the advanced controllers want to? My guess is no so who would these mods be other then someone that has been tested and knows right from wrong?

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Isn’t a successful community a community that supports all people?

If advanced controllers moderators PG, they would use their advanced moderating skills, people in PG cannot keep up with that, and I’ve heard that there is a lack of Advanced ATC’s anyway, they should stick to their posts?


My 2¢:

Advanced server should be strictly moderated to maintain a high standard of professionalism on the server. How do we do this? ATC’s have ghosting capabilities. Really this is all we need, no further mod’s are necessary right now, however a future organization like IFAA might come in handy?

Playground & Free Flight are ultimately up for anyone to fly in as long as they meet server requirements. Moderating those servers would ultimately pull the community towards a more 1984-style of gameplay, where every move you make is watched and you have no freedom to fly however you want (which is ultimately what the customer paid for).


I don’t think that’s true.

PG is to learn, not be trolled.

Mods on PG wouldn’t be ghosting for stupid mistakes, never would happen, PG is for learning. PG mods will just be there to keep the peace.

Would it hurt to give 1-2 players moderating powers for a month or two? As a trial?

Honestly, I feel that I’ve said all I can do, if you read the whole post and all replies, your question has been answered


Should we just make a “trolling” server?


Free Flight is basically the trolling server, everyone is fine with people messing about, PG isn’t


I’ve been thinking about this one, the whole idea of a reporting system, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t make the huge impact you guys are suggesting, I mean, have you even players PG lately, people don’t bother to taxi in the right places or load up in the correct position, which is understandable because they could be new but I think it’s more of a can’t be bothered attitude. A report button which is easier to navigate would be useful, but only to a certain extent.

Players would need to be bothered to report someone, and more than one player, which creates the obvious solution to this, it basically merges all the ideas this thread has.

A report button, which alerts staff members/or the imposed moderating team of the culprit, this system ultimately saves players time and gets the trolls/immature players out quicker, as it would only take one report to have a reviewer of the player.

I’m clutching at straws here, but as I’m here typing this, I’m having a brain storm, I might make a new thread if this one gets declined explaining it.

Yesterday I noticed a pilot cutting in line and going through others on the Advanced Server. I was taking off and was unable to see who it was let alone try to find the report button. When I was in stable flight I couldn’t find that person anymore.
Right now it’s too hard to report someone in certain circumstances. It would help when reporting users would be easier. Would it be a solution to the PG issues? NO!! It’s just not enough.

Well when it was on Advanced, and you couldn’t find him after that, he probably got ghosted by the controller 😉. On Advanced you shouldn’t need to use that report button when on towered airports or approach, cause the Atc will take care off.

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Well he must have gone through at least five others to end up at the front of the line right on top of someone else. When I was taking off he was still there, so either he did it faster than allowed, breaking yet another rule, or the controller hadn’t noticed it (yet). Anyway, I would have reported him would I have been able to.

Possible, when heavy traffic on class bravo airports, if you are insane enough to take ground and tower, something like this can slip through at first, but when spottet it will be a ghosting…this are normally users with 10 k xp hitting advanced for first time and still used to do the PG stuff…well…learning the hard way, aye?

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And that’s on advanced, try imagine PG