Playground Mods

Ok here goes, I didn’t want to type this up because I know that instantly people will disagree, oh well,

I think we should have moderators on the PG server, not developers on the forum etc, but a secret agent type thing,
They should be invisible to most players apart from other moderators, people shouldn’t be able to know when they’re online.

I know this seems really short and not structured very well, but it’s been a tiring monday, give me some slack

I think this would be a good idea because the playground is to learn, nobody listens on playground, and it’s not acceptable,
The imposed moderators wouldn’t ghost/kick because you are bad at the game, nobody has a issue with that, even on PG, the players who play on there semi-seriously, we do understand if someones new, and try our best to be patience.

The moderators would be there to help stop against the peanuts, we are talking nick chan peanuts, we don’t mind if you take a little longer to take off, but if your doing barrel rolls in a 747 over a airport, or repeatedly ignoring ATC’s commands (we do try) then this is where the mods would step in.

I have created a table like thing below, which you can see what action the moderators would take, this will also show what the moderators on PG would be there for.


Excuse the spelling, I was typing quickly.

I believe the mods should be invisible to others, have the ability to drop standing, and the ability to ghost/report.

If you are confused please type below, as I found it really hard to put this into words and can barely understand too aha.


I would love to be part of this.


Take the power into your own hands each user has that ability use the report button when you see something wrong.


I volunteer as tribute


Yes, but it’s not instant, there isn’t a way to remove the troll without wasting the other pilots time, nobody wants to go through the trouble of reporting someone when we barely see a outcome.

This is where these mods would come in,

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But seriously, I wouldn’t mind having this system, I take PG as Advanced and try to stay aware of my actions. The Free server is always there for fun`


Yes, it’s not fun having Air Force One coming into your back end whilst landing,

As a regular PG flier, I’m aware when somebody is struggling and when someone is messing around, another reason why I made this post, I would love to have this feature implemented and help enforce the rules.

If this happens and you want to be a part of this, I suggest changing your name from “ceo of yo momma” to something more appropriate :)


Oh, I’m sorry, It was a joke and I completely forgot

I really like this idea. If it does become a reality, I would love to be a PG mod


That makes two of us


Please, yes. Well structured post.Why invisible though?

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I mean, I created the topic, so I guess that makes 3, anyway

People applying would need to take some sort of test, basic atc, the mods for PG are mainly here for the arrogant players who blatantly disobey rules, I don’t think there should be many mods, maybe, 10 for a busy day, spread across main servers with a fast plane, (which could be set to fast to help moving to other airports quicker)

Answering your question @Boeing707 The mods should be invisible because we don’t want players realising they are being watched, we all probably do it in real life situations, For example, Your not going to speed down the motorway in a car if the police are tailing behind you, we need to find the baddies aha, not improve their acting skills, good question though


Fair enough. Would it be possible for mods to go “undercover”? They could appear as normal players and fly around as if they are a rule-abiding user? Elminating the ATC use would make the job less fun. Instead, the mod could look around at the users looking for erratic traffic patterns be it from across the scenery (For ex. if an aircraft is diving rapidly from 25,000 ft. to 12,000 ft.) or on airport grounds (Taking off on water, obvious taxi overspeed, etc.)


I guess, but as a mod trying to find potential trolls, flying around and following rules it would be very difficult.

The main reason for the invisibility feature is so they don’t know we are watching, but also that we don’t become one of the peanuts and start annoying/irritating rule abiding pilots, even if we are trying to find the bad guys, nobody wants to see a jet (or whatever plane which is decided) flying around KLAX in a unprofessional manner.

I was thinking that the planes spawn in at parking, and the mods have the ability to go into the control tower, or free flight completely, without a plane, but we don’t want to overload the devs, considering they’re working so hard on the next update.

The ability to go into tower would be a nice touch, but it would be easier for the devs for us just to stay in parking.

During events, I mean, IF official events, the mods could be visible, just to make it look nice.

But for this to go into more detail, it will need to be approved by the majority of the forum and the developers.

I have numerous ideas based on this which I would love to share but time will tell,
The americans should be getting back from school about now, so we can see what they think :)

So instead of reporting the user and wasting your time as you so put it you want a group to be created to waste their time for something every user can already do?


I want to be a part of this!


Is that what I said?

I said people still do it, but they don’t see any [quote=“ColonelJeff, post:4, topic:26623”]
we barely see a outcome.

response to the report.

Every user doesn’t want to do it, this is the problem, if a pilot is trying to fly, is he/she going to want to have to take his/hers time in reporting a user, when he knows that he can rely on the mods to take care of him. Of course, you could still report, but wouldn’t it be easier, smoother, and less of a pain to just wait 5 minutes max for them to have a warning on their record,

This has given me a chance to put another idea I had into the works.

Instead of just having the report feature, we could have a
‘Report to Mods’ feature. this would only notify the mods that a incident which needs their attention has happened, with the airport and Call Sign,

And this would help the people like yourself, who believe in reporting at every sight of a incorrect move,

For example,

@Brandon_Sandstrom could see a player blocking a taxiway purposely. He calls a mod, lets say @ColonelJeff and the exact same process would have occurred but this time the culprit would have a humane judgement, or a even worse punishment - check my table

Excuse me if you see any rudeness, nothing indented :)

Please make this happen. Im tired of going into playground and having to deal with people who ant serous or they just want to run into you and ignoring ATC instructions. Some callsigns I saw yesterday were horrifying. I don’t want to mention them but maybe ATC could be more strict with reporting people.

Thank you for your support,

I have seen some bad call signs, trust me, with this implemented, the bad call signs would be changed before you can even go on the forum and post a screenshot.

I agree 100%. I strongly feel that the free flight server is for those that want to do all the stupidity with other players. Playground should be so that you can actually have practice with others that are willing to follow the rules and advance is for those hardcore players.

Great idea, back it all the way.