Playground - First Contact

I’ve been flying around the Playground and have noticed the following - will you guys be kind enough to confirm if this is normal?

  • little white squares instead of planes, even at very close range (not always, sometimes planes are shown)
  • grade 3 and 4 pilots flying at 300+ knots well below 10’000: no penalty? Zero ///// seem to be given
  • planes flying at low speeds at 14000 feet aimlessly. Is this to get flying hours? Pretty weak if so.
  • planes landing 50m apart with ATC active
  • planes taking off from different ends of the runway, at the same time
  • ATC ignores me, despite anouncing inbound well in advance, and turning several times waiting for instructions

This being said, it’s really cool when ATC is active. You guys are really patient sometimes :P

Oh, and I messed up a take-off at one point, in a very busy airport. So not only I made a fool of myself, but I got a violation for exceding authorised taxi speed. Really?! I mean, I clearly crashed and killed all passengers… A taxi speed violation is what I get? Pretty funny.


It’s like what everybody says
Fly On Advanced


That’s Playground

People will fly low because of shorts routes, speeds are shown as Ground Speed, it is not the airspeed.


Adjust your Airplane count in settings.

Nothing to do with the grade, it doesn’t give you the freedom to fly at such speeds.

Some of them are new and are learning while few are trolls.


I’m wondering which airplane count shows more airplanes instead of the white boxes, low or high?

At least one character was changed.

Alright, alright. Removed it.

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Obviously High or Very High setting. There’s an option to disable the white boxes aswell.

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