Playground controller

Myself and a fellow recruiter are looking for whoever was working Tower at KNUC in So Cal region right now . This is the name listed. IFCN-IFAU-bfuixc

Message me if you see this message.

FYI. Make it easier for us to find you ,please use your name so we can look for easier.

Tom Grollman - Recruiter


Why are you looking for this person?

I guess he did a good job managing the Tower traffic so they maybe want to promote him to an Advanced Server ATC


Good thought…

Whilst this is really good of you, unfortunately I doubt the recruiters won’t promote him unless they have seen him theirself. Still, positive call-outs like this are good.

Correct me if I got it wrong but isn’t he a recruiter himself?

He was doing a good job handling the amount of traffic he had. So yes this is a good thing when we call someone out to contact myself and other scouts.

My apologies. I should read threads first…

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