Playground Contollers...learn and know your airspace please.

Some friendly advice to whomever was the tower controller at LAX today around…2359 Zulu today. When I’m overhead at 30k feet… I am NOT in your airspace. At most, your airspace ends at FL18O (18k feet) in any ring of your upside down cake airspace 😉. I’m not certain of hand LAXs sectional but… direct over the tower is probably 10k. So… when you call me on the radio… I don’t have a way of saying…"a dude… I’m not in your airspace man"😉. I think I said thank you and stand by a couple times.
No biggie but… at the altitude, I’m talking to approach or IRL…Probably center.
Also… I don’t need to request transition because…one… I’m not in your airspace and two… I had a flight plan and at FL350 I MUST be IFR. Only VFR need to request transition. So… lighten your workload and just let us cruise on by my friend.😆. You have plenty to do with pilots in your AO. I now you couldn’t have been that bored at LAX😉.
Check with your ATC leader… I’m sure they can provide some links and info to learn airspace and sectionals. They are really good teachers!!!


Ehm the airspace for a TWR controller is 5000ft high, not 18.000 ft.


Sounds like you had somewhere really important to be, flying at FL300. :)
I can’t even remember the last time I was above FL180…


Maybe it’s just accident. He maybe just want check your information.

That sounds about right.

Eh… four times chirping at me? I think that’s what they call a teachable moment these days 😉. I hate to ignore them when they do things like this and… we don’t have a check your help pages button. Hmmm… pilots with a check help pages option in playground. Did I just come up with an idea? Eh… the kids on here would just abuse it.😕

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Well… that is where the big boys go IRL. I need some hours to make level 5. You don’t like the thin air? 😉

Sure I do, especially when there is an actual reason to ascend that high.

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Yep because I am an ADV controller and I must know that


Please don’t enumerate your complaints. Not everyone does such thing, and if you send a command for multiple times, you will get reported coz that indicate your craziness to the controller even controller is wrong,also other pilots in that frequency will get annoyed by your duplicate message, then you might be reported by them too. Just calm down and ignore.

It is ok to complain, but if you complain about something you must do it right by yourself. Only complain about bad controllers if you are a good controller.

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Yeah, it is alright to complain. However, the tittle itself really annoys me even if I am doing right thing. Guess why? coz this topic’s owner is quite aggressive to the other ATC. That the case, this user should PM to that controller before start this topic up. Otherwise if this person already, why does not write about it!?

OK,what l guess is wrong. When l am TWR control, sometime want to see you flight plan,and you are far away from the airport. But l accidentally click the “contact to the ATC” button.

I deliberately commit this mistake at times especially when there’s APP but this blur sotong pilot is still on Unicom after I check the info

So if the pilot manages to contact me, I’ll send him to APP immediately

0% for reality but 100% for helping

I agree. ATC playground should be realistic. It’s so annoying when tower knows nothing and when people don’t listen

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