Playground ATC Experience

It is hard to have fun doing ATC on the playground server because nobody listens, I’m trying to practice for my test and I can’t get anybody to listen to ANY instructions there should be a practice server or something where pilots have to be at least grade 3 or 4 and that will help make it easier for serious ATC to practice without having to be on the advanced server. I used to love doing ATC on the playground but it has ruined my experience.

If you say your gonna do your test here on the community,

I’m sure 3 - 4 people will come to help you practice


Hi man, i dont think that everybody over grade 3 is a Perfect Pilot and listening to all ATC instructions…
We atc’s on The ADV Server ghost everyday multiple People because they dont follow instructions… 2 Or 3 weeks ago i ghosted a grade 5 because He dont knowed what a downwind Or a sequence is 😅 My Tipp: make here a Topic when and Where you want to practice, @tag your Favorite Pilots and Hope that they will fly for you 👍🏻

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Yes, it is hard, but if you are we give up making it better. We won’t have any better result… ATC at Playground should not be that hard, but that way that is currently, and I think it is much much harder than control in advanced because ATCs in advanced can use ghosting commands at anytime if they think they can’t do anything to help the pilots out. However, we don’t have such thing in playground. In the mean time I am controlling, I always not ignore the st**id pilots, I send them a warning message multiple times at the time. (Three at the most cases) To basically notify other pilots that there is a pilot who is not listing to instructions.

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Was at Singapore this afternoon flying Jetstar 637 up to WMKK. Whilst waiting to pushback saw a B777 saying inbound on 20C whilst there was one aircraft taking off and several waiting to take off from 02C. Some interesting pics!

Just a reminder to all in PG…or even advanced if no ATC, to check the map of your arrival airport so you can see the traffic patterns and adjust your plan to approach and runway as needed!

Let me guess,

There grade 1s

No I don’t think they where Grade 1s…only saw one Grade 1 who followed me up to KL…but he was too scared to go above 10kt whilst I was at the dizzy height of FL240,;-)

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Exactly my point like some of these things are common sense and it’s frustrating for the ATC to control when all of these people are messing around not listening.

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:-) when I took off from Sing I was planning to use 32L at KL but when about 100nm DTG rechecked and as wind had shifted KL was using 14/15 so readjusted my flight plan accordingly. Saw that the Grade 1 followed me around whilst some other guys who should have know better continued and only changed when TWR told them to go around.

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