Players that need to be banned for improper call signs

Leo Ruffley

The pictures were just taken moments ago. Either this gets monitored better with digital filters. Or I will be requesting from Apple every cent I have paid out. Unfortunately that comes out of your payout that would be coming to you. I didn’t just spend my hard earned money to have to listen to this going on over and over.



i probably bet they won’t be banned, but i do see the point your trying to make. if this was the advanced server, they would be ghosted and take use of the report button, if they are reported 3 times (by diff users) they will be ghosted


Welcome to the playground server.


Play on advanced. All problems solved:)


Well according to the Terms and Agreements set by Apple for Developers. This is in violation. If it isn’t fixed. I will be talking to my friends at Apple.


uhh other games have way worst rules and not even an option to report users. this one does and this is less likely to happen since you would have to pay $10 to play on live and get the app. i understand your frustration

What is the violation exactly?

I would but my XP isn’t high enough. I have substantial amount of aeronautical experience with other simulations and know they rules. If a developer wants to change my status to let me in. I would be more than happy with that.

What exactly are the “Terms and Agreements”? There is only so much you can do with “digital filters”. People will always find a way to get around them.


Do a lot of touch and goes until you get the XP

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The Terms and Agreements are the pages that you hit accept on to become a developer. It’s the same page I hit accept for being an Apple Developer and a purchaser.

It would be under the parts of unsuitable language with apps useable by underage. If someone wanted, they could classify it under the harassment section.

I love this game, I truly do, but there needs to be better filters. Setup in code with all variables accounted for. Like “fuc-u” and “fuc-u-2”.

Setup in your codes that the Report button is linked on your end to the person that reported it and the person being reported’s ISPIP and/or IP address. That way it is a permanent block to your servers if you choose they need to be blocked for violations.

If you would like help with this. Please PM me and we can chat via email about this.

It is what me and my company do. If we are not able to help. I would love to reach out to my friends and see if we can help you.


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That alone would be great.

Their violations say it all

I changed regions where there aren’t any ATC or any other pilots on. Just me, FAA rules, open skies, and clear runways to do touch and goes.

That is until I accidently hit the end flight button. DOH!


Thanks for voicing this concern… As you’ve seen from the spelling used by these guys, we already filter on a set list of words and it’s practically impossible to automatically ban people based on a list of words alone for the very reason that there are even more spelling variations that they will be able to come up with…

We could lift the 3 votes required to actually ban someone but I can guarantee you that those guys who use the nasty callsigns will be the ones ghosting every body they see for no reason…

As always, we’re always eager for inputs. What do you see as the ultimate solution for this? If you have one, then please, do let us know…


I think that when you report someone, there should be a drop down list of reasons why you are reporting them, so the reporting is more valid, but I understand that people could just click random options and report people for no reason.

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Only suggestion limit General aviation call signs to 6 characters max or 5 instead of the 9 that it is now. No real GA call sign is 9 characters long that i have seen. I’d also like to see liverys and call signs changed automatically with aircraft/livery selection. Don’t know how to do it your the brains just ideas. Maybe let users select a 3 character number when signing up for live that is theirs to use thru out the duration of there subscription I always use 435. Sean always uses 007. This could be a way of taming the beast.


I for one find it very distasteful of you to come here throwing ultimatums around. Do you think of yourself as someone that the IF community can’t live without? Let me encourage you to lose the ultimatums and replace them with realistic suggestions to correct the problem.


YES I was just about to say that.

Also on a side note. It wasn’t their names that made me so mad. It was the fact that they were just sitting on LAX Ground spamming messages with their name being pronounced and not just Alpha Bravo spelt.