Player Played a Prank on Everyone

I’ve controlled the guy a couple times. Fooled me as well :/

I was that f-22 that was cleared to do pattern work when you took off. I felt that was strange. Even for advanced. I was on final for the cross runway when he cleared you o take off. It worked out tho

Ah, I remember you, yesterday in YSCB, right? I thought that you were still on base so… I maybe had to reject takeoff at the time, but I got the takeoff clearance also… well I won’t do that next time;)

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Wasn’t our fault. I don’t think he realised how fast a F-22 eats up he pattern xD as doing 140 basically the entire time. It was cool tho

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Yeah, you were fast while I was really slow, so that was difficult situation to keep a safe distance between us and when to takeoff. But yes, that was cool!

Nice to fly with ya. It’s nice to meet someone who actually knows what they are doing :P

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I learned to know what others think. Nice to meet you and thank you for giving me a feedback XD

Welcome. See ya around the network

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