Player on Expert


I need some help!

Just did a flight on Expert which was very enjoyable until the point where I got onto Final. Where i was appalled by the actions of a pilot called ‘Nicolas Medica’ who caught me up on final by flying at a crazy speed and then landed (if you could call it that) right behind me having no regard for going around as a plane was in front of him (that being me).


This would have been fine if he hadn’t then taxied into me on the way to the gate and then through me when i was parking. This isn’t what i expected from Expert!

image image

I dont fly often, but when i do i expect to be able to fly in an environment where being who cant fly stay on training server as this was really shocking and ruined my flight to be honest with you.

So, I’m not sure what can be done. If i can report him and if i can who to contact about it. Just hope he doesn’t do another flight before i post this and ruin someone else’s flight. His details are also below.


Any help would be very much appreciated,



Take this to a PM with a moderator [It would just be better - No public shaming]

AKA: Nobody else reply with “Nothing that we can do” or something like that… 🙄

Keep in mind that most pilots who are not on the IFC don’t get the learning opportunity that we all get until they get ghosted or something (Then They Learn)


In the future, this evidence/complaint can be PM’ed directly to a mod, instead of creating an unnecessary thread.