Player on Expert Server blatant disregard to rules!

I was just flying from ENZV to EGKK in a Norwegian 737-800 number 2 on final to runway 26L on expert server when a player called ‘Ryanair 90 Heavy - Love Aviation’ with complete disregard to all rules of expert server cut in line trailing super close to the traffic infront (number 1 to land while i was number 2). He then decided to change to 26R which is not a runway in accordance to the NOTAM for the airport stating its to be used as a taxiway. He proceeded to land on 26R while there was traffic taxiing on the runway and went straight through him. Please see screenshots. completely unacceptable! I wish these users would use other servers for this kind of behaviour. :( NOTE: He never announced anything on UNICOM frequency.


I saw that too while I was climbing out off Heathrow! My call sign is AAVA419 I was checking the TFR when I saw that Ryanair. I was thinking to myself wow he is pretty close to the proceeding aircraft.

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Best thing to do would be to report him. Unfortunately there was no ATC on duty at the time so nothing can be done with that in terms of ATC

I did report him and nothing happened :( Wish he could have used casual or training server.

No, something may have happened. The system doesn’t automatically ghost someone if they get reported, that basically gives anybody who uses Expert the power to ghost someone. If you reported him, a controller will review the case, and it would be dealt with there. He is most likely to get ghosted because of the TFR.


The pilot was taken care of as soon as his wheels hit the ground. Mods can close this.


oh so if I (a fellow pilot) reports some one, it will be sent to an IFATC controller to review it?

This has been handled.