Player lining up on runway when there is aircraft landing

Hi, what happens to people that line up on the runway when I clearly announced that I was on final on that exact same runway on the expert server (No ATC, using Unicom). I went around three times, wanted to finish my flight from jfk to lax but those wouldn’t let me land. I can understand if it was in training server or casual server, but it was in expert server they don’t deserve to be grade 3 +.

New requirements are being released. When? who knows. And KLAX has 4 runways. If there’s no ATC there’s never enough people to keep all four occupied could’ve switched avoided 2 go arounds…

I switched though…

First runway 25R then 25L and back to 25R

You just got unlucky it seems. It was also probably as busy day considering the update.

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I am really not going to be able to discuss nor help. Because nobody here was there… So idk what happened.

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Hi, I believe that was me. I am so sorry what just happened, that was very unprofessional of me. I did hear your callout, and when you were 4 NM away I was ready to perform an immediate takeoff runway 25R, but I messed up a few things on my interface, and had trouble getting off in time. I sincerely apologize for what happened, and it won’t happen again.


What if I provide proof to the moderators will they do anything lol, because I’m 100% sure those people would’ve been ghosted if there was ATC

It’s alright, you recognized your error that’s what counts :)

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Thank you for the honesty and professionalism @texasaviation and @Blue_Lantern. This is so nice to see in the community.

Y’all enjoy the update. ❤️✈️