Player limit on servers

I remember prior to global there was a limit of amount of players that could be on the servers. I was curious does this exist still or not anymore?


There is, though I’m not sure what the exact number is. Someone can do some hard math if they want to.

At this time, Casual is 25% full, Training is 15% full, and Expert is 44% full.

Edit: What he said 👇


It is 800 for casual and 1500 for training and expert


Most likely. if not IF would be literally unplayable when buildings come out

Hm interesting that seems to be a very small amount lol

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yes it does but the only times we outexceed those numbers is like the first couple of days after an update but in general we dont really it the limit on a general day.

It’s a soft limit. We can change it easily when needed :)


I’m thankful
800 for casual
Or 90% of the people will fly through the LAX buildings
When 21.1 comes

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That will still likely happen no matter what.

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So we can spam you if we can’t get in? Got it ;)

no don’t do that. super bad idea. I’m sure they know everyone will be excited and will raise the limit when needed like @schyllberg said earlier

The limits survived the first stage of lockdowns with a major release on top, so I highly doubt they’ll change soon (although I hope they will because, well, that would probably mean more paying users).

As a matter a fact, it’s exactly what happens when we reach the limit :)
But don’t worry! We’re always keeping an eye on capacity and will raise it before we’ll come to that.


it’s just a joke. I’ve been around long enough to know ;)

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Haha just teasing you :)
I know you guys are always keeping an eye on things. The positive - this is a great “problem” to have.


good to know you were joking. I’ve see too much bad ideas on IFC and actually being executed. see you at LAX when update drops

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Jokes on you. I’m camping at KLAX until update drops… /sarcasm

See you there buddy!

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Yes there was a limit to each region online. However I do believe all players had single player unlock all like we have now so this limitation while frustrating was something you learned to live with.

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