Player limit for regions

I experience this every day. I want to go to Hawaii or Seattle, but I end up in SoCal, because that’s where everybody is. But it’s also really boring to just fly in SoCal. I thought about bringing in a maximum player limit per region. Let’s say only 100 pilots are allowed for one region. If it’s full, other people have to wait in a queue or can join another region. That way there’s less chaos at SoCal and more players are in other regions. What’s your opinion about that?


Fly on the Expert Server the ATC switch the Region everyday ;)


I’m not Grade 3 yet :(


Well your going to get the “Fly on expert” treatment. it’s good there because regions are always moving. And if your not grade 3 yet get there.


Well, if I don’t want to go on the Expert server, I still have that problem.

There shouldn’t be a problem most of the time in the expert server since approach and departure slots are really only filled during events. You can just go from point A to point B in a jiffy.

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The point you are making is that you would like to fly where there is traffic if i am getting it correct…SoCal is one of the busiest region in TS in IF as for many factor…but if u need some traffic either join a flying group or get into ES as it gets traffic according to the region where atc decide to open up

But it gets boring to only fly in SoCal. And if I don’t want to go to the expert server, I can’t fly anywhere else, because ATC and pilots are mainly in SoCal.

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On PG, that’s the reality. My suggestion is to do all you can to get to Grade 3. Trust me, it’s worth it.


Definitely don’t agree with limiting players. Some people might not have the means to buy the additional regions for their own reasons. Socal is a nice all around region & I’m willing to be that familiarity is one of the reasons that pilots keep going back to it. Things will really get interesting if they connect Socal with Seattle, and maybe even Hawaii. Though to be honest, KLAX to PHNL is a pretty mundane way to hold an iPad for that amount of time, then again you could do worse.

I am in favor of server player limits primarily for the fact that after you have 75 or more users in the same region…for those of us still in some areas of the country where we can only access basic DSL Wi-Fi … there seems to be a building lag on the server where the automatic video refresh scenery updates start to lose a millisecond or so which becomes a crucial factor when you are in the final phase of the approach and landing sequence… for example… at KSAN or KPSP where the last 100 or less feet can mean disaster if you miss your mark…at the wrong time…


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