Player information with API

I am developing a website and would like to know if it is possible to get information (Experience, Grade, Flight Time, Online Flights and Landings) of the players using IF API

Thank you for your attention, Brazil team.


Something like this?


No. This API that Ms. Laura is making available is for a connect live project in GUI. What I want and for website (json, requests, html or xml


Then try this…

If this doesn’t get you what you need, then you either need to be more specific or go directly with Laura or someone on the development side like I have done for a project I’m working on.

It’s kind of tough to understand what it is you need exactly…[quote=“Dalmo_Cabral, post:3, topic:126330”]
What I want and for website (json, requests, html or xml

I can only assume that you are wanting to make API calls to get the information and populate it on a webpage. Seems like Ive seen that idea somewhere else? Anyway, best of luck!

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You’ll want to use the UserDetails API (POST request with an array of user IDs in the body). From the main post:

Use this call to get information about a user
Parameters: apikey
Post Request: a json object containing an array of strings named UserIDs.


@Cameron But would I need a key to get that information?

How do I get this key?

import requests

key = ‘’
reponse = requests.get("" key)

We’ll send one over via PM as soon as possible :)

FYI, you’ll need to POST for this particular API; if you’re using requests on Python, you’d do it something like this:, data=["userID1", "userID2"])

Thank you, waiting for your PM

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