Player Controlled Pushback Vehicles

I had an idea for a cool feature today

Firstly, this is probably not possible for a long time and could not work if people abused it and didnt maintain realism but I thought I’d write about it anyway

I think it would be great fun to have players controlling ground vehicles like the pushback ones. This could be done at busier airports like FNF hubs to add to realism. Also, it would probably be best suited to expert server to have a better chance of this being used properly.

So anyway, what do you guys think of this. Do you think it would work, would you like this in infinite flight ?

Discuss 👇

I think this idea would be cool, but personally this seems a bit complicated. Keep in mind, this is a Flight Sim, not an Airport Sim :)


Sorry, but there’s already been a thread just like this, and not many people agreed with it 😬 I like the idea, it probably just doesn’t fit in a game like this


I mean unless if we had an automatic pushback system that we tell it where to go it would make sense, other wise we don’t need a driving simulator inside of a flight simulator 😂

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This will probably be added after the 3D terminals

As Deer said in the linked topic above, this is a flight sim not a ground vehicle sim. 😀