Playboii_Dray’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KFAT

Hello to all,
Please come and practice pattern work, runway switch, n transitions with me.
Only serious pilots. Listen and follow instructions.
send me feed back how I did.
i just finished my first IFATC training and will taking my practical test once scheduled
See you @ KFAT
Thank you all.

runways - 29R & 29L departures and landings
transitions - anything above 3000ft


I tried to join but as soon as I joined my pro subscription ended hopefully next time when your open again

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awww man, but yea ill be open all this week thru my process of IFATC

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Dang! That’s some unlucky timing!

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Hey @Playboii_Dray

Let me know when you open!

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i’ll join, ping me

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Gotcha, I might open a bit after 11:30am PST, I have my second training today with my IFATC trainer. I’ll ping you guys once opened.

KFAT is open for business lol

@DJW KFAT is now open

Hey @Playboii_Dray

Here is some feedback from your session!


  • You issued the transition at or above 3,000 which was fine!

TIP: a helpful formula is to do 2500 + airport elevation. And, because the airport elevation was 335ft, you then do 2500 + 335 = 2835 then you round that up which would then be 3,000ft.

Initial Approach (T&G - After Transition)

  • Pattern entry was good, which was enter right downwind RW29R.

  • Landing clearance was issued in a good timely manner.

Exit Runway

  • The exit runway should be issued when the aircraft is at a safe speed which is below 70kts, and you issued it at around 30kts as “Europa001VA” was about to exit the runway, so you issued the exit runway command a little late.
  • Also, when you said “exit runway when able, and contact ground” it would have been a lot more efficient to say “exit runway when able, cross runway 29L and contact ground” as there was no traffic on 29R, so it would have been more efficient to issue that instruction

Thanks for the service, and keep up the great work and you’ll be joining IFATC very soon!

gotcha, thank you for joining. should i give you command soon as you hit 70kt or do i have a little window between 70kt-65kt?

No problem at all!

The exit runway command doesn’t have to be at exactly 70kts. However, you want to try and aim to issue the exit runway command at around 50-60kts. If you want to issue it at 65-70kts that’s also fine, just don’t issue it at around 30kts when the aircraft is already starting to exit the runway!

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cool, thank you so much

Pm me when you open

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