PLAY to Launch Flights To Stansted In June

PLAY to Launch Flights To Stansted In June

The Icelandic airline “PLAY” will begin to launch flights starting soon. They will inaugurate service to London-Stanstead airport from Reykjavik in Iceland sigh an Airbus 321NEO on June 24, 2021.

“Well, I mean in terms of the UK, we’re going to Stansted. That’s a low-cost airport, and it has worked well in the past. The Icelandic passengers know it and it works well.”

Play will also start flights over to Copenhagen in 2021, with more destinations like Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona on the possibility list as well.


It’s nice to hear an update from PLAY. Seem like everything going along smoothly.

What is it with people starting airlines in pandemics lmao

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PLAY was announced in late 2019, before everything shut down. Because of COVID, they delayed their flight plans but now they’re ready to launch. I’m guessing because of the pandemic they found some favorable lease prices for their A321neos.


good to see new airlines popping up everywhere, and it will be very interesting to see how PLAY evolves as an airline. hopefully it doesnt turn into another version of WOW Air :/

That livery is so bright. Must look incredible in person. Really excited to se these guys launch.

Ryanair has competition

Still waiting for MOM Air c’mon. 😒

Just in:

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Holy blow your socks off…

They weren’t kidding when they meant “a vibrant airline.”

Ya know how much money they must be losing having to carry all that paint around on their planes. It’s like carrying an extra couple passengers 😂

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I. Still. Hate. This. Livery. It. Makes. Me. Vomit.

Will be interesting to see how long they last…

Southwest has entered the chat

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