Play Online, Trouble!

Hi everyone, I am from Colombia and i play the game on my BlackBerry Z10, I created an account to play online,but i can’t to play, Why?

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this Note appear when i try to play online, but is rare because i have an account, I created it yesterday, and is active!

Did you log in with Facebook, gmail etc?

I select to login with my Gmail account but when i try to login appear the Note, help me

When you created your account before, did you do it with an email and a password in game? Or did you do it via the google log in?

In the Web Page of Infinity Flight i created the account

Try logging in via the in game login, not the Google way. I’m not sure if this is the issue though

But that is the trouble, because when i try to login from the game appear the Note of the picture

Make sure you at using the same email and password. If there is still an issue open a support ticket with David

BlackBerry devices are not supported. You may have problems with it that we are not able to resolve.

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