Play infinite flight on two devices

Hello! I have a question what you guys might now. Is it possible to play infinite flight on two devices on the same time? Or is there a trick to play infinite flight and two devices. Like if you want to controll an airport in IFATC and fly at the same time… Is that possible.

Or can I play infinite flight on two devices to get more flight time???

PLEASE let me know :) thank you!


No, it will end one of your flights unfortunately.

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You can use 1 device for 1 server so if you fly on expert and fly on training, you can. But if you want to do both on expert, you have to buy a new subscription

Exemple: I fly on expert with my IPad and at the same time, I come to fly with a friend on casual with my phone

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Hi @Machet,

You can fly on two different servers at the same time, but you can’t control and fly together as it violates the TOS of Infinite Flight.


Ah okay. So I can fly on expert and also fly on training???

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Yes you can

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Thank you!

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You will have to have 2 subscriptions however. If you try on the same account one will be disconnected.

This means that, no you can’t fly on 2 devices to get more flight time

You can but on different servers. So you can have one account on Training Server and one on Expert.

With the same account? So you can get 72 flight hours each day if you have 3 devices?

You would need to fly on a different server on each device (so one on Expert, one on Training, and one on Casual) but technically, yes.

Oh wow, then I guess I was wrong. Thanks for that!

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