Play infinite flight on Google play on pc

Is it possible to play infinite flight on the computer on the Google play games beta

I’m pretty sure IF is mobile only.

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It’s probably possible, but IF doesn’t support that

By Google Play Games beta I don’t know if it’s possible, you’ll have to test it. But it is possible by BlueStacks 5 Emulator


Do you always fly in PC?

Yes, 90% of my flight hours on the IF were spent on the PC

And how would you compare it to doing it on mobile? What positives and negatives do you find?

No, only mobile. There are turorials you can play IF on your laptop but that will not work.

Positives: Big screen. That’s it

Negatives: Constant instability, lag, updates not guaranteed, controls can often stop working (or not work at all), no support from staff or the community

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