Play IF even when the app is closed

I just wish that IF will add this kind of update where you can just leave/exit the app, and the plane will just keep on flying. And when you can to continue to play, it will just resume

Short answer is that at this time they have no public plans of introducing this unfortunately.


Android and iOS don’t allow apps to run in the background unless they’re doing something that is low power (I.e. playing music, refreshing data occasionally for a news app, etc) - running the simulation in the background would result in the app getting killed, to conserve power and allow other apps to run efficiently.
In the hypothetical situation we were able to run in the background, we’d need to continue calculating the flight model at regular intervals, taking into account condition updates, moving the plane accordingly, reporting updates to our servers, etc. all whilst keeping usage as low as possible for your phone to run normally. You’d likely notice higher battery drain or other apps not running as quickly.

~ @Cameron


Yeah but isn’t cool if that’s possible? Hehehe

Hopefully soon

The app needs to be connected to load scenery and a whole lot of other stuff, so I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

I recommend getting a second device to fly!