Plastic or metal

Which type of model is better? I have 3 models which are all plastic and are1:200 scale. I would like to know which is better in the 1:200 size.

I don’t think this belongs in RWA. However I’ll let someone else change it if needed. However I’m interested to see what people say. I’m getting my first model today. I can’t wait it’s 1:250 Emirates a380 😊

I put it in RWA because all the other topics about models were in it.

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I have a plastic Airbus A380, 1:200 model. Broke after a few days… :/ I would suggest buying a metal one.

You have to be careful with them and put them on display.

I have plastic & metal. Metal is a lot heavier but it is only the fuselage that is metal the wings & stuff is still plastic

Simple if you are a sensible man who works hard and earns a reasonable amount of money (or if you are a child if you don’t want to make your parents take up another job to afford a metal model collection) you buy the plastic model.

If you are a multi-millionaire (or have millionaire parents) who lives in a 4 story yacht in the Carribean half of the year and the other half you fly off in your private jet to your penthouse apartment in New York or London then you can buy metal models

In conclusion I believe if you want a giant reasonably priced collection that doesn’t break the bank then you get plastic models. If you are Donald Trump and/or have infinite money get metal models,

Of course if you only want a small collection of high quality models models go for metal ones (but remember for every metal model you buy you could’ve bought 3-6 metal ones)


I have a Finnair A359 and a KLM 744 (New Livery) and the Finnair one does have a loose part, but otherwise they still look good on my shelf🙂✈️

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It’d get a bit difficult sourcing the amount of 757s and IL-76s that I would want in my collection.

I’ve found plastic models to be less realistic than the metal ones. There is nothing like a 1:400 or 1:200 metal gemini jet. It’s about $130 tops, which is reasonable. I am not Donald Trump, and I buy metal models.

I’m not a trillionare so I guess I’ll get more plastic models.

The diecast models are much nicer detail wise than the entry level plastic ones.

@Belfast_spotter most diecast models are completely metal besides maybe the engine cowlings.

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Ive only just one hard plastic model scale 1:100

So if you want a collection of just 8 models that would set you back just over $1000

Yes, quality over quantity. I don’t have space for that many models anyway.

I’d go for metal. Obviously they are more expensive but I fell they’re more authentic.