Plans. Save money or not

I would like if you are so kind to know that it will come for the near future. I am not going to ask about something concrete (clouds).

I would like to know this in order to get to know the development plans a bit to see whether to pay another six months or not at the moment.

The MSF is coming and I don’t want to have two simulators and not enjoy any.

There is no real time frame for clouds at this moment. You might just have to risk it. If you have the money by MFS. Clouds have hit a minor hitch. Cheers!!

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I’m gets MSFS anyway. Much more realistic. And one time payment.

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Hey! While there is no set time that we should be expecting clouds, Project Metal will help make clouds a reality in the future. You can read more about Project Metal here:


Oh yeah plus I’m a real simmer. I play X-Plane all the time only IF when on Vaycay. Sooo.

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Everything that is going to be released as part of 20.2 can be found in the Official 20.2 Tracking Thread | Update Released topic. There are no announcements for 20.3, 20.4, or even Project Metal.


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