Planning your taxi


I’ve recently been trying to use airport diagrams more, but now that I realize, I never plan a taxi route on the ground. How do you guys plan your taxi route?


Right before pushback I use the outside cam and just look around to find the route to the runway lmao


Prior to setting my FPL, I take a look at the active runways, implement a procedure (most of the time), and pan around my aircraft for the most optimal route post pushback.

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I normally take a screenshot of the ground chart and just draw a line on it to plan my taxi route to the runway or parking. This is all done on my tablet of course no printing out needed.

Happy Flying :)

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That seems like what I do normally 😅

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Ah, I’ll try that sometime!

I just go with wherever seems good, but I think i can do better than that

I usually look at the map and find the fastest way to get to the rw

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I go to FR24 and search a flight doing the same route and watch the playback of that flight to see what taxiways and what runway was used for departure


I do the same taxi route as the real flight which I’m replicating did.


I try to do most things from the cockpit, so I actually pull up airport diagrams online and plan a route there.

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