Planning to Code New VA Live Flight Tracker System

Hi guys,

I am planning to start making my own custom flight tracker system, if anyone wants to help I would be appreciated. The list of things my map’s features Includes the following below. I am also looking for someone with live flight tracker map making expertise.

I am Planning to use to make it and use leafletjs.

Works with Wix, Godaddy, etc.
Flight Path
Live Tracking
Time Zone
Information on departure and arrival.
Night Time and Day Time Feature as shown in this picture

Thanks, if you have any questions PM and I will be happy to talk.


Sounds cool! Just so you know though, the Google Maps API is quite expensive. I recommend leafletjs instead.

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Alright, looks like I’ll use leafletjs

That sounds like a good idea, it would be great to have a new system! Good luck making it!

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Thanks, I hope to start developing it soon and happy bday btw @sam2875

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I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out

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I can’t wait either, especially with the new finished product. Then I can help embed my map to VA’s websites @sam2875

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