Planning on getting a Gemini jets model under $55

I am planning on getting my first ever Gemini jets Model Aircraft! My budget is under $55, and I saw many aircraft for good prices. I narrowed it down to three aircraft

  • Delta Boeing 777-200ER ($39.81 w/ $5.98 shipping = $45.74)
  • Concorde ($37.33 No shipping cost 1 left)
  • Northwest B747-200 ($43.75 No shipping cost 1 left)
  • Other (Please specify, must be under $55)

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They’re all 1:400 Scale. The ones that say 1 left in stock can change.


Definitely go with the Concorde. Who doesn’t like the Concorde?


I know right

I like Concorde, but I’m not sure… still says 1 in stock.

The Conc is a nice model, even though mine is the version that’s several years old. It’s always a nice choice. Is it one of the new BA models? If not, then go for something else. Nearly all GJ 1:400 models are under $55, so the world is yours. I personally recommend the Thai A350, which you can get for under $55. I bought one recently, and it’s just beautiful.

Never had an Airbus model in my life besides the cheap daron A320.

Oh no…never mention Daron shudders
I’m more of a Boeing guy, but it’s a beauty.

If you want a nice Boeing, the new(ish) Virgin 744 is also a beauty, just bought that one too 👍🏻.

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Reason why I want to translation to Gemini :) Nice models.
I already have a BA 744 that has great detail, but is made by some company and the main landing gear is like a 737. Can’t complain though, my science teacher bought it for me when a friend of her’s went to London.

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Thanks! I’d really reccomend either of those, as they both have a lot going for them, being relatively new to the market and all.

can i have a link?

Link to what? If you’re looking for somewhere to buy from, I recommend

Gotta sleep, But I will make my final decision soon :) keep the votes coming (Someone offered me their Concorde and I accepted the offer).


i have got some things from there before, a Virgin 777-300Er

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Qatar Airways A350 or the Emirates United for Wildlife livery. Those are my favourites

Concorde! Get the last Concorde!

Still can’t decide, they’re all so good!

Hello guys! I have decided to choose between a DC-10/MD-11! Tell me which one you like! $32-$39
ATA DC-10-10 $35.00
Condor DC-10-10 (Brushed Metal) $32.00
Bangladesh Biman DC-10-10 $35.00
Garuda Indonesia MD-11 $34.00
World Airways MD-11 $37.00

Most of these Aircraft are available! They’re cheap too!

Personally I would do a Gemini 1:200 scale Delta CRJ…

Is that “Ruby Tuesday”?


I can’t afford 1:200 scale