Planning for another flight out of Nashua

So, remember the time I flew out of Nashua in New Hampshire?
Here was the original planned flights that we were supposed to do:
Leg 1
Cessna 172
Pilot: Me
Duration: 30 mins (est)
Leg 2
Cessna 172
Pilot: Me

That never happened, as we only flew a around the airport. Now I have decided to fly that I should come back and do the flights that were originally planned. What do you think?

I plan to do this during the morning on a sunny day with variable winds. I, along with the instructor, will file a flight plan and I will get METAR’s for both airports and the instructor will listen into ATIS. He said it would be great as it helps me learn more on how to file a Flight plan. I will do this durning the day time (9am EST).

I will control the airplane of course and he will be there telling me what to do.


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