Planning an Around the World Route

Looking for help planning an around the world route to fly in IF using the TBM 930. Seems like these plans are a dime a dozen here in the forums but I’d love for someone to look over these and make any comments about realism, whether they’d really be possible in real life, etc. I would travel East to West starting from KLEX because I’d have a tail wind if I understand rotation correctly (every mile counts right?).

First Option

Route based on places I’ve been or would like to go. It’s more of an around the Northern hemisphere route than it is an around the world route.



Second Option

Loosely based on Amelia Earharts around the world attempt. I modified it to travel north and cross the bearing straight because I don’t think the TBM 930 (the plane I plan on using in IF for this) can make the hope from Hawaii to California based on range.



Are either of these viable options for an around the world flight in the TBM 930 first of in IF, but also in real life? Anything I can do to make them more realistic? The only airport on this list that I think would cause issues in real life is PASY in the Aleutian Islands. It’s a private military airport but allows private landings upon request.


Answering some of my own questions here:

Is it more fuel efficient to fly east to west or west to east? Because of the Atmospheric Jetstream, it’s more fuel efficient to fly west to east. The Jetstream will provide a tailwind when flying east and a headwind when flying west. If attempting to cross the ocean from South America to Africa using the TBM 930, you’ll want a tailwind to push you.

Is there an option to fly from Hawaii to California with the TBM 930? I don’t think so. Range is ~2,000nm and the max range on the TMB 930 is 1,730nm.

You could always try it. Try to be as fuel efficient as possible.

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I would prefer Second option, it seems much beautiful!

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Older is better, try a GA, Just sayin, G’dday, Max

Tap the Graphic to expand.


That’s really old school.

The only problem with Hawaii would be the TBM’s range, it would not make it at all.

Hit the closet island. Takeoff from as far west as possible.

Maybe you could use Amelia Earhart’s same route she did to fly around the world!

I recommend flying through Europe, especially LOWI is a good choice.

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MaxSez: Old school led you to where you are today. Never overlook history, it’s the mother of invention and innovation. The PanAm Clipper trans Pacific Route opened the Orient and the WWII logistic routes help to win that war. These routes are still flown today only faster and higher in some cases. Compare them to international air routes of today particularly the multi stoppers. I remember the introduction of the Connie and all that came after it. Most here salivate over that loss leader Concord, a myopic vision not visionary’s just plan retro and before it’s time. Old school yes but a good school. Fly the Pacific on the PanAm route Hawaii westward (@DeerCrusher did the Hawaii/ WCoast in a TBM, posted to day) or NY to Shannon or Stormaway via Gander to a European gateway in any IF aircraft with the exception of the Decathlon. Open your mind, never forget the Aviation first and those who lead the way. Regard Sir, G’day Sir, Max


MaxSez: TBM Hawaii to the W Coast. it’s been done and posted here today utilizing winds aloft in season. Never underestimate your peers. Like this round the world, this planner is not the first to challenge the circumnavigation of the globe. Few ever become first on IF, there are those here that dare, good On’em G’day Max


The Latest Iteration:



If winds are looking favorable for the Hawaii-California Jump then I’ll bump on down to PHNL and make the hop to KHAF. Otherwise, I’ll head north towards the Aleutian Islands.

Also, I suppose I could always monitor fuel, and say a third of the way through the flight gauge whether I can make it or not and turn back as necessary.

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MaxSez: Kaleb, (@Skybear) your curcumnaive is a worthwhile pursuit. Many have ventured forth and given up. The trans-oceanics are tedious in the wee hours and server failures should be expected on the long hauls so be prepared. Hopefully we’ll be able to follow yr progress and be advised of any tech/Nav problems you encounter en-route as a lesson learned. Best to you and family noted in yr bio. Good Luck, God Speed.
Warm Regards, Max


@Skybear @Maxmustang just after i replied that i looked in that thread to see that Its possible with 40+kts winds in favour, if they are i would strongly advise you to do it! It would be a route to remember

Also doing the leg from Brazil to Africa would be marvelous, I’ve seen a video of a solo pilot doing it in a twin prop aircraft, incredible!


image or you could use this route if you want

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Just was thinking about doing a round the word flight…

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I did some more planning, asked a few more questions, and then ultimately decided on this:

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