Planning a big event May 20th (want community input)

I am planning a big event on Sunday the 20th of may at 8pm gmt time on expert server (may change based of suggestions) and want the community input on where this should be before i post a official event post. The events purpose will be to create a airspace with alot of atc and pilots to make a more realistic/fun experience.

i would be grateful if any expert server ATC would give up there time to come to the event.

Another note if anyone thinks a better date/time would suit and make more people available just say in comments

  • Singapore and Kuala Lumper
  • London
  • Paris
  • Caribbean
  • South Florida
  • San Fransisco
  • Southern California
  • Amsterdam
  • Denver
  • New York
  • Sydney
  • Chicago
  • Hawaii
  • Seattle
  • Oshkosh

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Air traffic control available


You dont need the community to decide your event, Be creative and have fun, some people can choose something you might not like. :)


i want to create a big event which people like to fly i dont mind where it is its still fun :)

Alright sounds good, Good Luck With The Event!


hey, quite a great idea. just letting you know
Kuala Lumpur is spelt like this, not like Kuala Lumper.

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First of all, DATS MY BIRTHDAY


Happy Birthday for then…

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Lol my birthday is on may 19. @JRRaviation

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sorry i cant change poll after 10 minutes of poll being there

Wow a “big” event on May 20th in the Community? I hope it goes well because on that same day, the “bigger” event is my Academic Decathlon Competition (not an aviation related event). I wish I could attend but I have to attend this Decathlon event. (search it up and you’ll see what I mean)

It’s not fun, so I hope you people who are attending have a lot of fun while I have a not-so-much fun at my competition :)

Back on topic. Honestly, I don’t know which region to choose because firstly, I don’t know what your event is going to be like and secondly, what happens if Global released in May?

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Avoid speculating when global is released please, not even the devs know what the release date for global is.

Choose singapore becuase it has only 2 big airports, then get 100pilots all there

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