Planning a BIG Event... but I need a little help.

So I am making a event for the ARC. And there is a lot of stuff to go into it. I’ll need people to time each flight. Set the starting point and monitor the landing times. We will have a google drive folder for each team. Each team will consist if 2 or more team members. 1 member will fly a leg, then the other will fly the next and yall will switch back and forth. Or do it all. You will run your team how you want. But the drive folder will have a google docs. I need people to help monitor the times, teams, if the pilots are cheating and so on a so forth. Also to check that the pilots are not cutting line and are all following the procedures.

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Here is the race route.15511452089041140021141317893389

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I will make the event about w months before the end of the race irl so I can find out about the race and how it went then start it.

What server and aircraft are you planning to use. I’d suggest the tbm-930 because yea I love that aircraft

The airplanes are the 172, sr22, tbm, and super deafcon

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That’s not really fair. The TBM is so much faster than the Super Decathlon, and the Decathlon is very slow. Maybe all TBMs? Or all of one aircraft?

I will remove the tbm and the super

Since the inky planes that are like what will be used are the 172 and sr22

Yeah, that’s still unfair. The SR22 cruises at 183 kn, while the 172 cruises at 122 kn. Is this nonstop? because neither aircraft will ever have enough fuel to nonstop this.

No. Check the route.

And there will be set speeds and stuff that adds into getting that all leveled.

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