Planning a 24 hour flight (today)

Ran into a problem the A380 has enough fuel for 22 hours not enough to reach auckland from heathrow anything i can do? or is a stop over imminent


You can use trim to try and keep the nose down, thus using less fuel. I would recommend a stopover somewhere in Southeast Asia.
For future reference, you should definitely refer to this thread when you are planning to fly:

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If you plan around/get lucky with tailwinds you can get some extra flying time, but it’s probably impossible.


You do not have to use the A380, you could use (the admittedly small fleet) of refuellable aircraft and get to Auckland in one shot by linking up with a or some KC-10s to top up. Ask for people that can go closer to the time.

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@Blue That will be hard


You have plenty of members on the forum who would love to refuel you. You can fly another KC-10 and do the flight

I may just do a 20 hour instead as i need sleep in my life :P

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Ive flown from Hawaii to the Gran Canaries Islands (Near Spain) once during my Competition Flight in October in a B767… So anythings possible :P

Actually I think with no load, full fuel, and some good winds you can reach LHR with a tiny bit of fuel remaining. I did Auckland to Abu Dhabi in the A380 before and I had 5 hours of fuel left


Use a 787. Better fuel efficiency and range


@diamond False i did a 15 hour stream yesterday with full load of fuel
and only had like 30 mins left

I may just settle for a 15-17 hour stream again

You can easily get more than that in a 787. If you step climb, use or something to find the most favorable winds, cruise at the 787’s most efficient speed, trim properly, and more, 787s go much further. Definitely take a look at some tutorials posted above and you’ll be able to maxmize the performance of your aircraft.

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Like @AnikaitD said, you probably encountered huge head winds because you can easily do a 20 hour flight in the 787

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I’ve flown from Heathrow to Auckland. Took me 20h 52m in the 787-9 The eastbound route is usually faster due to tailwinds.

Have you got a flightplan saved i could use @ewan

also would the 787-10 be better to use or the -9

I believe the -10’s range is much less than the -9. If you are planning a 20+ hr flight, the 789 is definitely the best option ;)

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Is slower better than faster :/

What model did you use?

I used the 787-10 @diamond